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newdotnet.dll is a Spyware dll file!
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Filename: newdotnet.dll
Warning newdotnet.dll is Associated with Spyware or Malware!

Description: newdotnet.dll is a spyware file that is associated with New.net websites. File will bind itself to the windows socket layer to intercept all DNS requests from your computer.


Removal: (Note All Manual Removals should be done at user's own risk, we are not responsible for any damages)

Before doing any manual removals we recommend that you scan your computer first with a Spyware and Malware Program. Click here to Run a Free Spyware Scan courtesy of PC Tools

1. Open Windows Search then Search for the file newdotnet.dll.
    - Locate Directory Path where file is located and save path to clipboard or write it down.

2. Unregister the Dll File newdotnet.dll

This can be done by using opening the MS-Dos Prompt. Using the directory found above locate the folder of the file, then type regsvr32 /u [newdotnet.dll] to unregister the dll file. 

3. Locate and delete newdotnet.dll. Make sure newdotnet.dll process is no longer running under the task manager process tab.
* Note deleting file may disable network capabilities.

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